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Hello to our Favourite Customers! (Which is everyone ;) )

Winter is coming! And with the cold weather, we are changing how things are done. We will be remaining open this year, however, we will only accept appointments.  Call us (519-694-7300) and we will arrange a time to meet you at the shop.  We have a lot to do here at the shop but there is no guarantee we will be here or we may be in the middle of something we cannot stop.  We may be able to do overnight turn arounds on tune-ups and other repairs. We look forward to seeing you!

Watch this spot for special events.

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NEW FALL HOURS: (In effect: Saturday October 3rd to Saturday October 31st)

Due to our wide & valued customer base, we have rearranged how we do things:

Our adjusted hours are:

Monday October 26th : CLOSED

Tuesday October 27th: CLOSED

Wednesday October 28th: CLOSED

Thursday: 7 am to 6 pm

Friday: 7 am to 6 pm

Saturday: 7 am to 5 pm

Sunday: CLOSED






Spoke & Sprocket is now London’s dealer for iGo brand electric bikes!

If you’re looking for an affordable, reliable e-bike to make your commute easier and more earth-friendly, this is the place to be. We can order any e-bike in stock, have it delivered to the shop and put it together for you. 

With the upcoming Dealer app that works with iGo’s iGo Connect App for e-bike owners, we can also help you maintain your e-bike by helping you diagnose and resolve any problem you may have.

Check out the iGo website at and/or call Jenn at 519-694-7300 during shop hours. Email anytime.




Call Spoke & Sprocket at 519-694-7300

Or visit at 1890 Hyde Park Road, London, ON, N6H 5L9



A message from Don:

First and foremost, our customers are and always will be number one and the main reason we push ourselves to excel. That said when we describe our attributes, this is not bragging, rather letting our customers know we are advancing for their benefit and we are proud of our accomplishments on their behalf.

We wrote the book on high quality bicycle repairs done efficiently at a sensible price back in 1974. Many bike dealers back then as now are more interested in trying to sell a new bike that most do not need in the first place, given a little TLC. “Shocked and amazed” is all I can say to describe when people learn how an affordable option like a new set of tires or wheel upgrade can change an outdated bike to a fast, or comfortable, or rough and ready bicycle.

Fast forward, it's now 2020 and Spoke & Sprocket has now written another new chapter. Yes, we are upsetting the status quo for you, just as we did in ‘74. Raising the bar ever higher giving more quality, more value, for your hard-earned dollar is what Spoke & Sprocket does very well. We are the unofficial leader in bicycle repair and maintenance.

Look how easy it is to do business with us:

Lots of free parking.

VIP service for all including loading/unloading assistance if you need it.