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Bicycle Repair in London, Ontario | Established 1974

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Our Story

We wrote the book on quality bicycle repair service.

A preface to give the reader some background information on our philosophy of business. First and foremost, our customers are and always will be number one and the main reason we push ourselves to excel. With that said, when we describe our attributes this is not bragging, rather letting our customers know we are advancing for their benefit and we are proud of our accomplishments on their behalf.

We wrote the book on high quality bicycle repairs done efficiently at a sensible price back in 1974. Many bike dealers back then, as now, are more interested in trying to sell a new bike that most do not need in the first place, given a little TLC. Shocked and amazed is all I can say to describe when people learn how a new set of tires or wheel upgrade can change an outdated bike to a fast, or a comfortable, or a rough and ready bicycle as an affordable option.

Fast forward to 2016. Spoke & Sprocket has now written another new chapter -- Yes, we are upsetting the status quo for you, just as we did in '74. Raising the bar ever higher giving more quality and more value for your hard earned dollar is what Spoke & Sprocket does very well.

Thank you for letting us serve you, from the chief cook and bottle washer of Spoke & Sprocket since 1974.

Donald Paul


Our Services

One Day Repair

Our never failing, crowd pleasing trademark.

Free Bike Wash

Included with all tune-ups.
A $10 value.

Repair Warranty

60-Day repair warranty.
No receipt needed.

ASAP Flat Tire Fixes

Fixed on the spot!
Only $10 + parts.

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Join us at our larger brand new North London location at 1890 Hyde Park Rd, South side #5, London, Ontario, N6H 5L9. We're located across the street from the Canadian Tire garden centre exit road.

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